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flood and water damaged property
When disaster strikes, you need Flood 24/7—we are the residential and commercial flood damage professionals.

Providing the best flood and water damage remediation services, paired with top-notch customer service, is our business. Not only do we provide home or business water and flood damage cleanup, but we also offer mold remediation, fire and smoke restoration, sewage cleanup, carpet cleaning, and more.

With locations throughout New York City and Long Island, Flood 24/7 offers a fast response when you need it most. Servicing New York residents, business owners, and building managers, we are your best flood restoration and water damage cleanup solution.

Emergency Restoration Services

When an emergency flood or water damage situation arises, our staff is available to address your immediate concerns.

Residential Restoration Services

Water and flood damage cleanup, sewage cleanup, disinfection, and mold disinfection services for your home.

Commercial Restoration Services

Whether you own a retail business or manage a building, we offer full commercial water, flood, and sewage damage cleanup services.

Water Damage
Damage from frozen or broken pipes, basement leaks, washing machines, and sumps
Flood Damage
Damage from natural disasters such as storms and floods.
Fire Damage
Fire damage cleanup for your home or business
Smoke Damage
Let us help you rid yourself of smoke damage
Mold Damage

Disinfect and remove mold as a result of water or flood

Sewage Cleanup

We get dirty so you don’t have to

Why Choose Us?

New York Flood and Water Damage Specialists

We offer years of experience in the water and flood damage restoration industry. Our staff is professional and we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers from A to Z. We handle it all. 

Support When You Need It

It’s never easy dealing with water or flood damage. When it comes to something as serious as your home or business, you need help fast. Flood 24/7’s emergency response services will get you back to business quickly.

Free Consultation

Our Free consultation will help you understand the costs and processes of getting your house or business water, sewage, or flood damage cleaned up as fast as possible. There are no out-of-pocket expenses with our services. We are a direct bill to your insurance company.

We Direct Bill Your Insurance Company

Let us do the hard work dealing with your insurance claim!

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Flood and Water Damage Resources

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Comprehensive Flood Remediation Services: Long Island

Long Island, with its picturesque landscapes and proximity to the ocean, is no stranger to the devastating impact of floods. While these natural disasters may be unpredictable, being prepared and having access to reliable flood remediation services can make all the difference in minimizing damage and restoring homes and businesses

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NYC Flooding with Historic Rainfall

By the end of a single day, historic rainfall levels had affected most parts of the city with Brooklyn and Queens experiencing the most impact. The city’s Environmental Protection department issued an advisory for most of the area’s waterways – due to potential sewage runoff. New York City’s sewage system

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Commercial Remediation Services in Long Island

When disaster strikes, whether it’s water damage, fire damage, it can have a devastating impact on commercial properties. The loss of productivity, potential revenue, and the overall disruption to business operations can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s crucial for Long Island businesses to have access to professional commercial remediation services

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Suffolk Nassau County flooding

Suffolk and Nassau County Flooding

According to Suffolk and Nassau Counties sources, there are many reasons why you may experience a flood. When you need us, Flood 24/7 has extensive experience to help restore your home after a flood. Suffolk County / Nassau County: Causes of Flooding Flooding can be caused by a variety of

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Sewage Cleanup Services in Nassau County

When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy environment in your home or office, sewage backup can quickly become a nightmare. The unsightly mess, foul odor, and potential health hazards make sewage cleanup a task best left to the professionals. Luckily, Nassau County locals can rely on our expert

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mold remediation from water damage

Long Island Mold Remediation From Water Damage

If you are experiencing water damage in your Long Island home or business, one of the most concerning issues that can arise is mold growth. Mold can cause a variety of health problems and can contaminate food, making it important to address the issue as quickly as possible. Flood 24/7

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