Fire and Smoke Damage

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Fire Remediation

Fire is a disaster that can destroy everything in its path. The damage it causes can be devastating and the cleanup process can be long and tedious. 

At Flood 24 Seven, we know this is a difficult time. We can help make the process easier. Whether it’s your home or business commercial property we have you covered.

Fire cleanup and remediation is a process that is necessary after a home fire. This process helps to remove the damage caused by the fire and reduce risk of secondary damage.



Fire Damage Remediation

Smoke Remediation

Smoke damage remediation is a process of removing the smoke residue from the interior and exterior surfaces of a building. The smoke residues are created when there is a fire which destroys the property.

When smoke residue is present after a fire or other circumstance it is essential to address it quickly to reduce further damage. Without proper cleaning smoke can damage many surfaces in your home or building.

There are two types of smoke damage: residential and commercial. Residential smoke damage is caused by fires in homes while commercial smoke damage is caused by fires in buildings such as offices, schools or warehouses. Smoke cleanup should be done immediately after the fire to avoid any health risks.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire and Smoke Remediation Process

The process of fire cleanup and remediation begins with an initial assessment. The assessor will inspect the property, take notes on what they see, and make recommendations for how to proceed with the cleanup. We will help you each step of the way.

After assessing a property, the assessor will offer an estimate for how much it will cost to complete all work required for fire remediation. The next step is to order materials needed for fire cleanup and remediation; this may include, replacement windows, carpets, flooring, doors, appliances, etc. All of which will be discussed with you as part of our full remediation process.

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